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USA konsulenten: The USA consultant

Quite a few classic car enthusiasts in Norway have problems when dealing in the US when purchasing their cars - not to mention arranging payment, help finding transport insurance and finally shipping. Nevertheless these enthusiasts are eagerly searching for specific cars , models and colors. Finding a desirable classic car can sometimes be next to impossible in the small Norwegian classic car market.

This is where I step in and assist my customers. I arrange bidding on eBay, appraisals in the US when necessary, establish contact with the seller in the US, set up payment and arrange pickup of vehicle and further shipment to Norway. I also deal with US Customs and make sure vehicle is legally exported.

The last decade I have assisted in the purchasing of a large number of classic cars in the US, and I can assure sellers in the US expedient, secure and painless payment - and quick pick up of vehicle.

I am an American residing in Norway and speak both languages fluently. I have been an US car enthusiast for decades, and I have knowledge of both the US and Norwegian classic car markets.

I live in the small town of Tomrefjord, on the beautiful Northwestern coast of Norway.


Our associate in California, Mike Terry (above) is a retired LA police officer, car collector and enthusiast. Mike will be of assistance when needed and can also be contacted if any questions.


In the SE region, in Marietta, GA, our associate Steve Strickland takes care of business. He is an experienced car enthusiast, with diversified interests, but basically caters to vintage Cadillacs.

In the NE, our associate, Brian Rachlin,  Mopar and Musclecar enthusiast inspects cars, arranges secure payment and pick up of customers vehicles.

We also have associates covering the Mid-West, Northern California, NW Region, New England, and Chicago area.

If at any time any problems or questions, please do not hesitate contacting me:


cell: 47 41 00 80 77  (Norway - We are 6 hrs after EST)

Contact phone US:  (941) 223 6856

FAX: 47 711 81 399